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Driving Tomorrow

Driving Tomorrow:  Our Roadmap to Sustainable Transportation, Infrastructure and Cities Join Warren and David in driving an exciting adventure to a fast, fun, frugal future with our new book, available on Amazon.  

Buses for Continuous Convoy Operation

Buses designed for continuous convoy operation significantly improve passenger capacity, convenience, and speed in comparison with conventional buses.  Existing buses require considerable passenger mobility and induce a variety of delays: getting to the bus stop, climbing up the entry (even with kneeling buses, this is a challenge for many people, […]

Table of Contents

Table of contents for Driving Tomorrow: Our Roadmap for Sustainable Transportation, Infrastructure and Cities, by Warren Gifford & David Turock. Now available on Amazon, both electronic and paperback. Join the drive for more sustainable technologies. Introduction: A quick trip from Washington, DC to the Adirondacks, all while reading a novel, […]

Key Innovations

What if you could travel at 65 mph using 100 watts of power – less than sitting at home? What if you could safely read, rest, or talk while traveling? What if the transportation system is so fast and efficient it can deliver your dose of medications and your favorite […]