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Near-Term Implementation of Mobility for Seniors in Cities, Suburbs, and Rural Areas

This study describes near-term opportunities to implement mobility technologies in cities, suburbs and rural areas, with a focus on seniors. This expands on technology concepts described in the 2019 book Driving Tomorrow: Our Roadmap to Sustainable Transportation, Infrastructure, and Cities, by Warren Gifford and David Turock. 

Continuous Convoy technology provides non-stop, full-speed transportation from each origin to each destination with significantly greater capacity, speed, and energy efficiency than buses, trains, or cars. Personal mobility vehicles and personal scheduling apps improve access, convenience, and cost, especially for seniors.

Case studies analyze implementations and benefits in cities, suburbs and rural areas. The needs and priorities of seniors provide a base for analyzing improvement in the quality of life for people disadvantaged by the current transportation system. The study concludes with a description of likely future developments and the drivers for near-term implementation.

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Join successful innovators and entrepreneurs, Warren Gifford and David Turock driving an exciting adventure to a fast, fun, frugal future.

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