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Intentional Community for Aging Immigrants from India

Priya Living is an interesting example of a partial version of the Intentional Communities we describe in Driving Tomorrow. Started to handle the needs of his aging parents, Arun Paul somewhat accidentally developed what is becoming a family of these communities. Existing senior facilities didn’t provide the community features has parents wanted: Indian music and food, yoga classes, and other cultural aspects, such as eating with their hands.

Paul intended to buy a duplex so he could live next to his parents, but other people heard about his plans and he started getting calls from people hearing he was setting up a facility for aging immigrants from India. Meeting the needs of this growing population has turned into a business.

One important development is whole families moving in, and finding that seniors enjoy having children and families in their community. One reason this works is that costs are lower than typical senior facilities because additional services are provided independently, not included in the monthly fee. There are many other features adding to the success of this model, with the potential to spread to other cultural needs.

You can anticipate that a whole ecosystem will develop around these communities: restaurants, schools, health, entertainment, and other cultural and service businesses. You can also anticipate other groups forming similar communities, as university alumni, and other interest groups and ethnicities already are.

This family of communities shows that even just a few of the features of the Intentional Communities proposed in Driving Tomorrow, can be successful. Imagine how the just-in-time, on demand, delivery and transportation features described in Driving Tomorrow can help this community thrive and grow. Imagine how the matching and training can further improve the residents’ experiences. Imagine this growing into a Linear City.

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